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    Toolroom selector serıes 32 marıo ochoa

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    Bizim Üye kdr7 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Jul 2013
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    Standart Toolroom selector serıes 32 marıo ochoa


    ARTISTS Mario Ochoa, Dosem, Rafa Barrios, Mark Knight, Adrian Hour, Prok & Fitch, Erik Hagleton, Weiss (UK),Loco & Jam, Chus & Ceballos, DJ Boris, Gabriel Ben, D-Unity, DJ Dan, Oscar L, Stefano Kosa, Tapesh, Mr. Bizz,Gaga, Pete & The Fox

    RELEASE DATE 2015-07-20

    LABELS Toolroom Longplayer


    DESCRIPTION We are very pleased to welcome our next tastemaker – Mario Ochoa to take the helm for the latest edition of the Toolroom Selector Series. One of Columbia’s biggest dance music exports, Mario has been spreading his signature sound around the globe for over a decade now, and he doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon! With releases on some of the biggest labels in the world including; Toolroom, Ultra, 100%% Pure, Nervous, and Ministry Of Sound just to name a few, he blends infectious grooves along with tougher elements that tap directly into your primal urge to dance!

    After digging through the extensive Toolroom back catalogue, Mario has pulled together a no-nonsense mix of driving tech-house and techno cuts. A balanced blend of old gems and new weapons from artists like Weiss, Dosem, Rafa Barrios, and Adrian Hour. Three of his own personal productions (Including his recent exclusive ‘Fuel’ from our Miami Underground album) round out the selection and give the album a healthy dose of his unmistakable trademark sound.

    1. Chus & Ceballos, Adrian Hour – Beat Pirates (Original Mix)
    2. D-Unity – Feeling (Original Club Mix)
    3. DJ Boris – Something Special (Original Mix)
    4. Dosem – Presence (Original Mix)
    5. Gabriel Ben – Detroit 500 (Original Mix)
    6. Gaga – Let’s Do This (Original Club Mix)
    7. Loco & Jam – Donut (Original Mix)
    8. Mario Ochoa – Burning (Original Mix)
    9. Mario Ochoa – Fuel (Original Mix)
    10. Mario Ochoa – Ripgroove (Original Club Mix)
    11. Mark Knight & Adrian Hour – Suzee (Original Mix)
    12. Mr. Bizz – Hey Guapa (Original Club Mix)
    13. Oscar L & DJ Dan – Feel The Panic (Original Club Mix)
    14. Pete & The Fox – Interferon (Original Club Mix)
    15. Prok & Fitch, Erik Hagleton – Beverly Thrills (Original Mix)
    16. Rafa Barrios – Hijos de la Tierra (Original Mix)
    17. Stefano Kosa – The Cave (Original Mix)
    18. Tapesh – Black Out (Original Club Mix)
    19. Weiss (UK) – My Sister (Original Mix)
    20. Various Artists – Selector Series 32: Mario Ochoa (Continuous DJ Mix)




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