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    Toolroom selector serıes: 31 mıke mago

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    Bizim Üye kdr7 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
    Üyelik Tarihi
    Jul 2013
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    Standart Toolroom selector serıes: 31 mıke mago


    ARTISTS Mark Knight, Full Intention, Mike Mago, My Digital Enemy, KANT, Rae, Doorly, dAVOS, Eelke Kleijn, Full Intention, Kevin McKay, Amtrac, Audiowhores, Made By Pete, Penny F, Ben Remember, Beverley Ely, DJ Anna,Michael Mandal, Mario Ochoa, UnoMas (MIA), Mash, Playless, Cram, Bearcubs

    RELEASE DATE 2015-06-07

    LABELS Toolroom Longplayer


    DESCRIPTION Hailing from one of Dance music’s most infamous capitals; Amsterdam-based House DJ & producer, Mike Mago, has set a precedent by establishing his unique trademark sound; setting the bar high for up and coming producers wishing to follow in his footsteps. With high-profile releases on Toolroom, Ministry of Sound, Spinnin’, Strictly Rhythm and his own label, Bmkltsch Rcrds, Mike Mago has proved he is top of his game and it’s with great pleasure we welcome him back onto the label to deliver the next edition of our famed ‘Selector Series’.

    Hand-selecting his favourite Toolroom tracks and infusing them with his signature style, Mike delivers an accomplished mix featuring over 20 tracks from My Digital Enemy, KANT, Doorly, Eelke Kleijn, Mike Mago, Full Intention, Audiowhores, Michael Mandal, Kevin McKay, Ben Remember, Mario Ochoa, Amtrac and Mark Knight’s incredible rework of Mago’s debut Toolroom single ‘The Gift’ making ‘Toolroom Selector Series: 31 Mike Mago’ one not to be missed!

    1. Amtrac – Those Days (Original Mix)
    2. Audiowhores – No Honey (Original Mix)
    3. Bearcubs – Paper Walls (Original Mix)
    4. Ben Remember – We ●●● Deeper (Original Mix)
    5. Cram – After Midnight (Original Mix)
    6. DJ Anna Feat. Beverley Ely – Secret (Full Intention Remix)
    7. Doorly & Rae Feat Davos – Can’t Stop Feat Davos (Original Mix)
    8. Doorly – I Want You To Dance (Dub Mix)
    9. Doorly – Ladies Night (Original Mix)
    10. Eelke Kleijn – Universal Soul (Original Mix)
    11. Full Intention – Mentum (Original Mix)
    12. KANT – Sub Man (Original Mix)
    13. Kevin Mckay – Check It (Original Mix)
    14. Made By Pete Feat. Penny F – Our Story (Pete’s Dub Mix)
    15. Mario Ochoa – So High (Original Mix)
    16. Mash – I Believed In You (Original Mix)
    17. Michael Mandal – On The Run (Original Mix)
    18. Mike Mago – The Gift (Mark Knight Remix)
    19. My Digital Enemy – ●●● To Have U (Original Mix)
    20. Playless – Broken (Original Mix)
    21. UnoMas (Mia) – Just Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
    22. Mike Mago – Toolroom Selector Series: 31 Mike Mago (Continuous DJ Mix)




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